Aspinn was set up in 2012.


Aspinn has many years of experience developing innovative products and bringing them successfully to market. Also, having a highly experienced engineering team based in China makes Aspinn independent of any of the factories it uses.


By looking after a product from the initial concept through development, patenting, tooling, manufacturing and quality control, Aspinn ensures that great ideas become great products and that customers have a great experience.

Aspinn Ltd

Aspinn is an Innovation led company that focusses in the following product areas.

  • Kitchen Products - make your life easier in and around the kitchen.


  • Gadgets for the home - useful, time saving products that improve your everyday life.

    If you have ideas for new products and wish to collaborate with us, please get in touch at:




    We will arrange for a confidential discussion and explain how you can disclose your idea safely using a non disclosure agreement (NDA).


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