8 in 1 Can Opener

Z022 - 8 in 1 Can Opener

8 in 1 Can Opener

The new 8-in-1 Rotary Can Opener from Smart Touch is the ultimate tool for easily opening food and drink containers in the kitchen.


As well as cutting, small, large and square style food cans, the 8-in-1 Rotary Can Opener opens jars, soda cans, beer bottles, tab cans, soda bottles, tin can lids and even Tabasco Sauce bottles.


The rotary action is perfect for users with diminished hand or wrist strength as it avoids the awkward twisting action most conventional can openers need, perfect for young and old users alike.


With a fold away lever, the 8-in-1 Rotary Can Opener is no larger than a conventional can opener yet offers eight separate opening functions. Better still it looks great as the extra functions are neatly integrated into the design. And for ‘lefties’ the curved ergonomic handle has been designed and tested for comfortable use by both right and left handed users.




  • No awkward twisting action that hurts the wrist


  • No tight gripping motion required


  • Gentle rotary cutting action is easy for young and old users alike


  • Multiple functions are neatly integrated into the design to open cans, tab cans, jars lids, tins, drink cans and bottles.


  • Cuts rectangular, small and large cans


  • Fold away lever for easy drawer storage


  • Compact and light


  • Ergonomically designed handle which is extremely comfortable for both left and right handed users.


  • Stainless steel cutter leaves no sharp edges on the lid


  • Stainless steel mini drive wheel requires very low effort to turn


  • Grips lid until you want to release it – does not drop the lid into the can






  • Easy to use rotary handle eliminates wrist twisting


  • Ergonomic handle reduces fatigue and increases comfort


  • Opens regular cans, small – medium – large


  • Opens rectangular shaped cans


  • Opens jam jars – simply ‘pops’ the lid by releasing the vacuum


  • Opens tab cans – saves you from breaking your nails


  • Opens soda can tabs – saves you from breaking your nails


  • Opens tin cans with press in lids


  • Opens beer bottles


  • Opens most popular size soda bottle caps


  • Opens Tabasco sauce bottle caps



  • Stainless steel cutter, drive wheel & opener


  • Cuts 50mm to 152mm+ cans (2” – 6”+)


  • Cuts rectangular cans



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