Auto Can Opener

Z020 Auto Can Opener

Unique, Removable Cutter Module lets you take out and wash the parts that get dirty.


Module is dishwasher safe.

Smart Touch Auto Can

  • From the original creators of the One Touch Can Opener, the new Smart Touch Auto Can introduces new levels of functionality.


  • Super efficient, the Smart Touch Auto Can runs on 2 x AA batteries and can be easily removed from a can if it stalls or the batteries run down mid cut.


  • And as well as cutting small, large and square style cans, the Smart Touch Can Opener opens jars, bottles and tins.

Unique Washable Module

  • Uniquely, the Smart Touch Can Opener offers new levels of hygiene by including a removable cutting module – when it gets dirty, pop it out and wash it in the sink or dishwasher.


  • Cuts rectangular, small and large cans
  • Cutting module can be removed for washing/sterilizing in the sink or dishwasher
  • Cutting module can be released in case of stall due to low batteries
  • Only requires 2 x AA batteries (competitors require 4 x AA batteries)
  • Smaller and lighter than competitors
  • Faster by 30%
  • Opens 30% more cans per set of batteries
  • Master switch keeps it safe in the drawer (also important when handling the unit – no accidental switching on)
  • Magnet to hold lid after cutting
  • Stainless steel cutter leaves no sharp edges on the lid
  • Low batteries can be changed during cutting operation
  • Easy to open battery door
  • Cutting operation can be stopped at any time



  • Opens regular cans, small – medium – large
  • Opens rectangular shaped cans
  • Opens jam jars – simply ‘pops’ the lid by releasing the vacuum
  • Opens tab cans – saves you from breaking your nails
  • Opens soda cans – saves you from breaking your nails
  • Opens cocoa tins
  • Opens beer bottles



  • Requires only 2 x AA batteries (alkaline)
  • Stainless steel cutter, drive wheel & opener
  • Cuts 50mm to 104mm+ cans (2” – 4”+)
  • Also cuts rectangular cans


  • Available now
  • Price and shipping information available on request


  • Patented



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