Wine Bottle Opener

Z028 Wine Bottle Opener

Wine Bottle Opener

The new Smart Touch Wine Bottle Opener is a revolution in opening wine bottles. Instead of trying to pull the cork out in a quick burst, the Rotary Wine Bottle Opener gently extracts it, just like an expensive electric opener.


So easy to use it is the perfect gift for all ages and can be used by sufferers of arthritis and similar conditions.


  • No more broken corks
  • No more struggling
  • No flat batteries
  • No noisy motors


    Designed with ease of use in mind, the Smart Touch Wine Bottle Opener features a precision gearbox that converts lightweight rotary movement of the handle into steady pulling power.


    So easy to use that our testers couldn’t believe opening a wine bottle could be so effortless.


    With a built in foil cutter the Rotary Wine Bottle Opener arrives ready to use and has a fold down handle for easy storage.


    Once you try it you won’t want to use anything else.



  • Works with natural corks, synthetic corks and agglomerate corks.


  • Comes with a clip-in foil cutter.


  • Fold down handle


  • Transparent viewings windows


  • Small and lightweight


  • Precision gearbox


  • Totally enclosed corkscrew


  • A perfect gift


  • Patent pending


  • Integrated auto-stop & overload clutch





  • Opens wine bottles with less than 15% of the force of typical manual wine openers.


  • Rotary handle can be turned with just two fingers – easy to turn and hold.


  • Foil cutter removes metal and plastic foils safely and neatly.


  • Cork extraction is fun to watch.


  • Easy to store and can be easily carried on picnics.


  • Enclosed corkscrew is much safer than traditional manual wine openers.


  • Overload clutch protects mechanism.



  • PTFE coated corkscrew


  • Opens all regular wine bottles


  • Designed and tested with all types of cork: Natural, synthetic, agglomerate.


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